Travel destination in Palembang

Palembang is the oldest city in Indonesia. Palembang celebrates 1336 the years on June 17, 2020. If we talk about tourism in Palembang, we will talk about Sriwijaya kingdom history. There are many travel destinations in Palembang, exactly cheap travel destinations in Palembang.

Palembang has many tourism places, both Sriwijaya history and the new location in the 19th century; all of them are ready to welcome all of you.

These are 10 cheap tourism place in palembang:

1. Travel destination in palembang: Ampera bridge

Ampera and lrt palembanvAmpera bridge

The first travel destination in Palembang is Ampera. Ampera bridge was built in 1965, precisely inaugurated September 30, 1965, by general Ahmad Yani, one day before his death at the Indonesian communist party rebellion. Ampera is now becoming the icon of Palembang city. Ampera connecting Seberang Ulu continent and Seberang Ilir continent. Palembang city is divided by the Musi River. If you want to see the Ampera bridge, it will take 30 minutes from the airport.

Ampera is a highway, so if you bring a car or motorcycle, you must parking your vehicle under the Ampera bridge. Don’t forget to take photos when you visit Ampera. There is an excellent place to take pictures with Ampera as the background. Going to a riverside restaurant or dermaga restaurant near Ampera, and you will get the best picture of Ampera.

Location of ampera: google maps

2. Kuto Besak Castle

Travel destination in palembang: Kuto besak castle
Kuto besak castle

Kuto besak castle locates not so far from Ampera bridge, just walking about 100 steps from Ampera bridge and you are at kuto besak castle now. Kuto besak castle is a historical building from the Palembang empire from the 18th century. Once upon ago, kuto besak function was a palace and now focus as one of the travel destinations in Palembang

Kuto besak was built by Sultan Mahmud Bahauddin from Palembang Darussalam empire; he was a king from 1776 – 1803. The castle was completed and occupied on February 21, 1797, so if we count from 2020 to 1797, it has 223 years ago, what a historical building! Right, 😁 you will find a lot of historical buildings in the oldest city in Indonesia.

Now, kuto besak castle is functioned for military headquarters, so don’t try to enter this castle if you do not want to be scolded by the officer, just see from the outside and take photos in front of kuto besak.

location of kuto besak castle: google maps

3. Travel destination in Palembang: Monpera

Monpera, travel destination in palembang

Monpera or Monument of the people’s struggle of Ampera is the monument that functions as a museum too. This monument was built to remember the battle of Palembang people against holland at five days five nights war on 1947. Monpera was inaugurated on February 23, 1988. Monpera has nine floors; it will make you easy to see Palembang city from the top level.

This museum collects many historically goods, especially war equipment and historic photos of 5 days five nights war in Palembang. This museum opens from 08.00 a.m. until 15.30 a.m. on Monday until Friday and 08.00 a.m. until 16.00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. The entrance ticket for monpera starts from Rp 20.000 for foreign tourists.

Location of monpera: google maps

4. Sultan mahmud badaruddin II museum

Travel destination in palembang
Sultan mahmud badaruddin II museum

Near from monpera, there is the sultan Mahmud badaruddin II museum. A museum that collects historical goods from the Palembang Darussalam kingdom starts open from 08.00 a.m. until 04.00 p.m. on Monday until Thursday, 09.00 a.m. until 04.00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday and closed at 11.30 a.m. on Friday. The entrance ticket for foreign tourist is Rp 15.000,-

Sultan Mahmud badaruddin II was built in 1824 for J.L. Van Sevenhoven house, the holland resident. In 1920, this building got renovated, they increased more windows in this building. During the world war, this building became a japan military camp. At last, in 1984 this building was handed on to the Palembang government as a museum.

Location of sultan mahmud badaruddin II: google maps

5. Travel destination in Palembang: Great Qoran gandus

Travel destination in palembang: Great qoran gandus
great qoran

Did you know that Palembang has the most significant wooden Qoran in the world? Yeah, the biggest Qoran in the world is located in Palembang. The great Qoran is located in gandus, Palembang. They need seven years to make this Qoran. This Qoran made by personally Syofwatillah Mozaib and use own money, to make complete this Qoran need about 2 billion rupiahs. One thing that you must remember, this is the most popular travel destination in Palembang.

The size of a wooden great Qoran is 177 x 140 x 2,5 cm from tembesu wood and completely 30 juz Qoran. This Qoran museum starts open from 09.00 a.m. until 05.30 p.m. every day, the entrance ticket just Rp 20.000 for adults. Don’t forget to use neat clothes when visiting this museum, this is religious tourism.

The location of great Qoran: google maps

6. Sriwijaya ancient garden

Travel destination in palembang: Sriwijaya ancient garden
sriwijaya ancient garden

Sriwijaya’s ancient garden is located near to great Qoran gandus. This old garden believed to be Sriwijaya royal relic. There are a canal, trenches, and pond that found by a human being from the 7th century. This ancient garden also is known as karanganyar site.

Beside canal, trenches, and pond, we can see Sriwijaya royal relic that saved in the Sriwijaya museum and looking for a replica of cheng ho ship. The entrance ticket just Rp 5.000,-

The location of sriwijaya ancient garden: google maps

7. Balaputera dewa museum

Balaputera dewa museum, travel destination in palembang
balaputera dewa museum

If you ever see money Rp 10.000, there is a picture of limas house (traditional house of Palembang), the limas house picture of this money was taken from balaputera dewa museum. Limas house is one of the much Palembang culture collection of this museum. Beside collect Palembang culture goods, this museum collects artifacts of Sriwijaya kingdom too.

I think this is the cheapest travel destination ticket fee in Palembang; you just need to pay Rp 1.500 to walk around this museum. This museum starts open from 08.30 a.m. until 03.00 p.m. every day except Monday; this museum was closed on Monday.

The location of balaputera dewa museum: google maps

8. Kemaro island

Travel destination in palembang: Kemaro island
kemaro island

Kemaro island is an island in the center of the Musi river. The location is near with PUSRI fertilizer factory. There are many ways to go there; the first one is using a boat from the Ampera bridge or Pasar 16 market, it will take Rp 250.000 – Rp 300.000 for one boat. The second one is using a small ship beside the PUSRI fertilizer company, it just about Rp 25.000 until Rp 30.000. The second one is cheaper than the first one, but you need to go to pusri first by bus or taxi.

kemaro island has a pagoda with nine floors and a Buddhist place of worship, the name klenteng Hok Tjing Rio. There was a legend story of kemaro island, once upon a time there was a princess of Palembang kingdom, the name was Siti Fatimah, and a prince from china the name was Tan Bun An, they are falling in love. Tan Bun An bring Siti Fatimah to meet his parents in China and came back to Palembang with brought some urn with filled gold. When they arrived at the estuary of musi, Tan Bun An checked their jar, and he found that the pot had filled by salted mustard. Tan bun An was angry, he threw out the urn into a river, until he has known that the gold was hidden under the container, he felt sorry and jumped into the Musi river, he dived and did not reappear again. Knowing about that Siti Fatimah followed Tan Bun An and did not appear too, and they had become an island, kemaro island. That just a fairy tale.

Location of kemaro island: google maps

9. Siguntang Hill

Siguntang hill
Siguntang hill

Siguntang hill is the highest mainland in Palembang, the information from buayajalan, it was about 29-30 meters above sea levels. Siguntang hill is an important place for the Sriwijaya kingdom. In 1920, the researchers found a buddha statue for worship in siguntang hills. They said the Budha statue comes from the 7th century.

Beside found Budha statue, there was much burial of Palembang kingdom here. I ever visit this hill, I feel durable magical power in here. I take photos of the king’s burial, and after that my lense was felt down and broken. I don’t know if it just my feeling or what, but I just warned to be careful when visiting siguntang hill and keep your mouth silent, don’t too much speak there.

The location of siguntang hill: google maps

10. Jakabaring Sport City

Jakabaring sport city
jakabaring sport city

Have you seen the Asian Games 2018 ago? If you knew, Asian games 2018 was held in Indonesia precisely in Jakarta and Palembang. Yeah, In Palembang this biggest sports competition in the country in Asia was held in Jakabaring sports city. Jakabaring sports city is located about 24 kilometres from Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Ii, the international airport of Palembang.

You can use a taxi or bus to go there, but the new one and the first light rail transit in Indonesia we call LRT Palembang can be your accommodation to go there. You just need to pay Rp 10.000 to use LRT Palembang from the airport until jakabaring sports city. You can see Palembang city from the air because LRT rail is on the top of the highway and has an exclusive track.

jakabaring sports city has an area of about 325 hectares. So don’t be scared you won’t find your field here. There are many sports facilities here, like football, swimming, archery, bowling, rowing, and many others are available here.

To enter jakabaring sports city, you just need to pay Rp 5.000; I recommend you use a motorcycle if you want to walk around this sporting city.

The location of jakabaring sport city: google maps

I think that’s all ten travel destinations in Palembang that I can share with you; I hope you can enjoy traveling Palembang.