The greatest Qoran in the world

Religious tourism: the greatest wooden qoran in the world
the greatest wooden Qoran in the world

One of the unique destinations in Palembang is the greatest wooden Qoran in the world; we call it “Al-Qur’an raksasa gandus.” This Muslim holy book locates in gandus, Palembang. It’s about 20 minutes from the airport of Palembang.

There are many ways to get there, you can use a motorcycle or car, but I recommend the first one, the location of the greatest Qoran usually get traffic jam. But, there is one disadvantage if you use a motorcycle to go there, during the way, you will smell unpleasant odors from a rubber factory.

The greatest Qoran was made by Tembesu wood, and it has taken seven years, making this Qoran until it to be complete 30 juzs of Qoran. One page of Qoran size is 177 cm x 140 cm x 2,5 cm. What a big carving, right!

Let’s talk about the history of this Qoran. The owner of this Qoran, syofwatillah mozaib dreaming that he make the biggest Qoran in the world, so he wants to realize it. It happened when he was ordered to create a carving of Palembang’s great mosque door. On his dream, he got a command to make the biggest Qoran in the world. To realize his dream, on March 15, 2002, he succeeded in making “surah al-Fatihah” of Qoran, the Muslim holy book.

He displayed it at 1 Muharram 1423 (1 Muharram is new year’s anniversary of Muslim) at the great mosque of Palembang. Many people enthusiastic to see Syofwatillah’s Qoran carve, finally some rich people at Palembang, like Marzuki Ali, Taufik Kiemas, and many more together raising money to make fully the greatest wooden in the world. Need two billion rupiahs and seven years to complete it all before it was inaugurated by president Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on January 30, 2012.

Religious tourism: the greatest Qoran in the world

The greatest wooden Qoran in the world has its charm, not only from Indonesia, foreign tourists like middle east countries, Europe, Asian, and many more also come there to see the beauty of the great Qoran.

The great qoran
Visitor of the great qoran

The great Qoran gandus has become one of the religious tourism places in Palembang. As the name, so if you want to go there, you must keep your attitude and wear formal clothes.

The entrance ticket of the greatest Qoran is Rp 20.000 for adults and Rp 15.000 for children. The greatest Qoran start open at 09.00 a.m. until 05.30 p.m. every day. Location of the great Qoran: http://Wisata Religi Al – Qur’an Raksasa Jl. Moh. Amin, Gandus, Kec. Gandus, Kota Palembang, Sumatera Selatan 30149 0821-8622-6958

I suggest you go there in the morning if you want to take the best photo of the greatest Qoran in the world. The great Qoran has five floors, but now you can go to the second floor, the owner closed the next level because of safety reasons. But don’t be sad if you’re foreign tourists, I sure the guide will open the third until the fifth floor for you if you asked him to open the door. We are Indonesia, and we are a friendly nation 😁, especially for foreign tourists, we have known that you come from far away and we do not want to make you disappointed, we will make an exceptional service for you. Don’t forget to give some money to him as a thank you.

Religious tourism: the greatest qoran in the world
the great qoran photo that win international photography contest

There are three favorites place if you want to take photos at the great Qoran gandus, the first one is in the Qoran display, you can hold the Qoran, or you can see to the outside like when you see outside from your window, you can ask your friend to take photos from the outside.

The second one you can stand up at the hall and make the great Qoran as background. You can take this photo in the morning if you do not want other people to become a photobomb. 

The greatest wooden qoran in the world
take photo from qoran hall

And the last one, you can go to the second floor, not the second floor of the Qoran display, but another second floor. Before you enter the Qoran hall, you will find a stair, go upstairs, you can take a photo from there, you can make Qoran as the background without worried someone as your photobomb.

Syofwatillah mozaib, the owner of the greatest qoran
syofwatillah mozaib and his great qoran

If you’re lucky, Mr. Syofwatillah Mozaib (the owner of the greatest wooden Qoran) sometimes waits there; he is one of the tour guides there. Don’t forget to take a photo with Mr. Syofwatillah because he is the parliamentarian Republic of Indonesia too.

I think that’s all from me; i hope you enjoy traveling Palembang. Visit my other article of Palembang tourism info: 10 Travel destination in Palembang