Ampera Bridge: Five things you must remember

Ampera bridge is the icon of Palembang city. This old bridge was built in 1965. As the icon of Palembang city, of course, many people take photos here, usually tourist; If you plan to visit Ampera bridge, this is five tips when visiting Ampera bridge:

ampera bridge
Amanat penderitaan rakyat

1. Ampera Bridge is an old bridge

Ampera stands for “Amanat Penderitaan Rakyat” or in English “the mandate of people’s suffering”. Why is this bridge called Ampera? That’s for remembering the struggle of Palembang people when battling holland in 1947 in five days five nights war. Ago, this bridge was named “Jembatan Bung Karno” to appreciate Soekarno (the first president of Republic Indonesia) that has realised the wishes of the Palembang people to have a bridge to connect “Seberang Ulu” and “Seberang Ilir”. But, in 1966, after G 30 S/PKI, Palembang People want to change the name of this bridge because many people said that Soekarno was involved in there; and finally, the named of this bridge was change to be “Ampera”.

This bridge was built in 1962 and completed in 1965, Ampera was inaugurated on September 30, 1965, by general Ahmad Yani. If we count 1965 until 2020, it has 55 years old, What an old bridge, right! I don’t know ho much longer Ampera will stand firm; but, we must be vigilant. So, remember, the first tips if you are visiting Ampera, you must be vigilant, because this is an old bridge.

2. Ampera Bridge is a highway

The second thing that you must remember when visiting Ampera is Ampera is a highway. Ampera bridge is the most crowded street in Palembang; there will be traffic jam every morning and evening in Ampera. Although three other bridges helped Ampera (Musi II, IV, and VI bridge), Ampera still being favourite one to cross Seberang Ilir to Seberang Ulu and vice versa.

I know maybe a few readers of this article is a foreign people, and Do you know that you’re are a unique one?; have a blonde hair, white skin, blue eyes, pointed nose and many more. Indonesian people interest when they see foreign people (in Bahasa we call you as “Bule”), and I sure if you take photos in Ampera in the full time (morning or evening), you will be the centre of attention and increase the traffic jam in Ampera; events like this often occur in Ampera. A few moments ago, there is a commercial shoot for pocari sweat (isotonic drink) in Ampera. Many peoples are dancing at the sidewalk of Ampera for a shoot. They are shooting in the afternoon if I do not mistake at 10.00 a.m; because their shooting, there is a traffic jam along Ampera; many riders stop their vehicle for watching the shot though has guarded by the police.

Maybe you think this is excessive, but that is a reality. So the tips are Don’t take photos in this bridge in full time if you are a group.

3. Ampera Bridge is prone to crime

Ampera Bridge is prone to crime. I am so sad to tell you about this, but this is a fact. But, don’t worry, the offence won’t happen to you if you are alert. This is a few tips for you:

  1. Don’t be a centre of attention. You can use dark clothes
  2. Don’t be like a tourist. Make yourself like a resident.
  3. Don’t show your phone in an empty place.
  4. Don’t forget to use a tour guide; usually, they are a resident; they have known the situation.

4. Park your vehicle under the bridge

As I told you above, Ampera is a highway, so you don’t park your vehicle on the Ampera Bridge, but You park them under the bridge. There is two parking area under the Ampera bridge. The first one is near the Pasar 16 market and the second one near the 10 Ulu Market. I prefer you to park at the Pasar 16 Market.

If you’re parking your vehicle (a motorcycle), you must park in the parking area; there is a parking officer there, you must pay Rp 5.000- for their services. But if you use a car, park your car where you can see your vehicle from the bridge, don’t forget to increase double secure to your vehicle. So, remember one thing, Don’t park your vehicle at a quiet place.

5. choose the best time when visiting this iconic bridge

The last thing that you must remember when you are visiting Ampera is choosing the best time. In the sunrises from the Seberang Ulu side. If you decide to take photos from Pasar 16 market or Kuto Besak Castle, your photo will backlight. You can take a picture from the 10 Ulu side to make the best picture.

like that too in the evening, the best way to take photo is from kuto besak castle.

Ampera bridge is just an iconic place of Palembang city, so just taking a photo with Ampera background is the best way to enjoy the Palembang, besides taking a photo, you can’t do anything in Ampera Bridge. I hope if you remember five tips when visiting Ampera, you will feel comfortable and safe when traveling Palembang

location of Ampera bridge:

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