FIX API trading

The FIX API uses the industry standard messaging protocol with a light messaged-based structure for reliable ESP and RFS price streams. FIX API provides an easy interface for any brokerage to access direct liquidity from FX-M Prime. This can give you access to multiple liquidity provider data streams, with no need to modify existing trading applications.

Connect a single FX-M Prime margin account directly to multiple Tier 1 Liquidity venues using the industry standard FIX 4.4. Receive dedicated Tier 1 liquidity channels or an aggregated price feed to enhance your customer trading experience. FX-M Prime FIX provides institutional Banks and Brokers looking to access FX-M Prime multi-asset panel of interbank liquidity.

Combined with the FX-M Prime of Prime service and Turnkey broker solutions, FX-M Prime offers a unique package to empower banks and brokers to compete and win in their E-markets.